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The WOW Series x Anecdote


What is the WOW Series x Anecdote:

A social networking app designed for ambitious professionals looking for a vetted, sophisticated and safe community to build meaningful relationships that advance personal and career goals. 

How it works:

We are in a partnership to bring the digital presence of networking to real life through our events. By attending one of our events or joining the Women of the Week (WOW) community, you are exclusively connected to other attendees or WOW members. Connections are filtered by your interests, events you've attended/want to attend, your personal, and professional goals - networking has never been easier or as fun!

What makes us unique:

Launching in 2020, this app will be exclusive for various communities looking for a convenient way to connect and stay in touch, including future perks for specific cohorts.

Our mission is to make human and digital connection/networking easier than ever by removing the “awkward” or “stress” factors we usually face when using social networking apps. You can see who else is attending AGC events, connect with them before or after, and have comfort knowing this community is curated directly by Abigail Gibbons and Anecdote founder, Fiona (me!).

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