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PioneeringEd is an educational service aimed to help underachieving students combat poor learning habits to achieve academic success. We believe that with the right learning strategies and localized guidance, any struggling student can reach new heights.

With PioneeringEd, students participate in a 3-month program that targets their specific concerns and shortcomings to make learning more comprehensible and meaningful.


A few of the notable academic institutions that have embedded PioneeringEd's strategies into their curriculum are Christ Nagar, Kristu Jyoti, Lourdes Mount, and Sarvodaya Vidyalaya in Kerala, India.

Given the current circumstance with COVID-19, we are actively seeking ways to donate any functioning, retired laptops or tablets to students who lack these resources for online schooling. If you are able to contribute, please contact me at or visit our GoFundMe page for donations. 


Thank you! 


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