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Distancing in Dumbo

Ah, where to begin! Month after month, 2020 has shaken us to the core and it looks like things may get worse before the dust starts to settle. For most of us, this unprecedented situations has gotten us reevaluating our daily routines, priorities, health, and perhaps our finances. I won't bore you all with the same message we've read and shared many times over the past few weeks, but as we exercise our vigilance unlike ever before, we must embrace the sluggish pace of events. Let's take the time to replenish our minds and catch up on personal projects we've been putting off for a while. So, here's a totally irrelevant set of photos that I promise I took 6' away from other people. Enjoy the s

Beyond Beauty

As a community, we have made some good strides in confronting the truths about body sizes and what we call "average". This is especially true for Aerie whose entire mission is to help women feel comfortable in their skin. Similarly, Lover Beauty has set out on a quest that stresses the notion of beauty being "a source of confidence, not anxiety". It is no surprise that one of their best sellers is the plus-size Body Shaper. Women know they should feel happy and satisfied with their physique but it may not always be easy to do so. No matter how much one exercises or cuts out carbs, our bodies will react the way it wants to and it may not always be the way you desire. With Lover Beauty, women



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