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Fuzzy Feeling

Unitude bag

Winter in New York this time around is a bit bipolar. Certain days, you'll only see Canada Goose coats and beanie hats and on other days, people are in T-shirts and shorts. Considering how quickly temperatures are changing, wearing clothes that are breathable but offer comfort when it gets chilly is of critical. This particular faux fur coat instantly elevates the look-and-feel of an outfit without putting in too much work and when you live in a fast-paced environment like New York, time is of the essence. On that same line of thought, any reason I can use to not have to fix up my hair with heat products and chemicals, I will gladly take it. So, hats are my way of leaving my hair in its natural, dry state while attempting to look put-together - and somewhat trendy.

Shein coat

Aldo boots

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