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Future on our Radar

So, yes, the future is on everybody's radar, but I wanted to take a moment to share an interesting thought on the future of mobile apps with a keen regard to a location consciousness solution called Radar. I have been involved with the technology and integration space in some way, shape, or form for many years now (academically and professionally), that I feel a certain level of excitement about the prospect of what Radar's offerings mean for the decade to come. Their creative features of Geofences, Insights, and Places comprise the ultimate foundation for building the robust app of tomorrow. Though some companies have already begun the adoption of user location-detection in their code, the shift to enabling a more efficient use-case or real-time interaction is imminent and absolutely necessary. For entrepreneurs and developers alike, the notion of tailoring experiences based on a user’s whereabouts should be at the forefront of a secure business model. Companies like Warby Parker, Chick-fil-A (love), Via, and SeatGeek have untapped Radar’s potential for their apps and propelled the successes. If you peruse their website, you’ll come to find their services to be simple, straightforward, and transparent with their (very few) system incidents and updates - which makes it all the more enticing. In this day and age (and city), there is an app for almost anything; from waking up naturally to getting our underpants cleaned and delivered. This strong progression in our smartphone/thumb-era allows us to be, almost, entirely dependent on apps, which may or may not be the best director of our lives. Nonetheless, this movement has no sign of slowing down and if we choose the right ones to ease our daily tensions, the collection could be a life-changing investment.

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