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Tres Treasures

Sweater weather is great. I love dressing up in booties, buttoning up a nice coat, and embracing the brisk air that has made its annual visit. On this post, I'm highlighting three other things that hold a special place in my heart, aside from a seasonal change of pace.

This hat was picked up at a local Forever21 store, years and years ago, but the fit and versatile nature of it has transformed it into a staple accessory for me. I bring this along with me to most vacations and allow it vamp up any of casual, lazy looks. Even when I had to confirm my identity at a foreign airport recently, the social media images I had with it on validated who I am to board a flight.

This wooden gem was gifted to me by a school principal who is near and dear to my family in India. I was visiting the country couple years ago to recruit and launch schools for my non-profit organization, PioneeringEd, and it has since been a significant token that empowers my drive to make a meaningful impact. I hope to bring more schools on board and continue the collaborative effort that has been put into it.

Who doesn't love shoes?! I tend to pick up a lot more functional souvenirs when I travel and these sandals were calling my name when I was in Thailand. Not only do they embody adventure, but it also made me think of all the different walks of life and collections of experiences people have in this world. It's important to keep stepping forward and challenging our perspectives to broaden our thoughts. I look forward to immersing myself and learning more about the fascinating cultures the Earth offers - and picking up more shoes, of course.

Express jeans

BCBGeneration booties

Givenchy beauty bag

Vintage coat

Photography by Kyle

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