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Tres Treasures

Sweater weather is great. I love dressing up in booties, buttoning up a nice coat, and embracing the brisk air that has made its annual visit. On this post, I'm highlighting three other things that hold a special place in my heart, aside from a seasonal change of pace.

This hat was picked up at a local Forever21 store, years and years ago, but the fit and versatile nature of it has transformed it into a staple accessory for me. I bring this along with me to most vacations and allow it vamp up any of casual, lazy looks. Even when I had to confirm my identity at a foreign airport recently, the social media images I had with it on validated who I am to board a flight.

This wooden gem was gifted to me by a school principal who is near and dear to my family in India. I was visiting the country couple years ago to recruit and launch schools for my non-profit organization, PioneeringEd, and it has since been a significant token that empowers my drive to make a meaningful impact. I hope to bring more schools on board and continue the collaborative effort that has been put into it.