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Sterling Silver

In the world of presents, there's nothing as special as gifting a significant other with a piece of beautiful jewelry. No matter how big or small, the thoughts and emotions behind the choice will never fade as jewelry tend to do with time. At Get Name Necklace, you have the option to engrave and monogram necklaces for a more meaningful touch (and at a nominal cost). For those who are still on the Rose Gold high, there are some options plated in that hue as well, in addition to the traditional 18K Gold Plated and Sterling Silver assortments.

If you have a pet (or have plans of owning one in the future), their best-selling items include fun selections for cats and dogs also. And yes, that includes the classic dog tag necklaces. Moreover, for Sex and the City lovers, they even have a gallery of the famous "Carrie" necklace - fabulous!

For more varieties with birthstones, fun charms, watches, or even back-to-school classics, check out their site here.

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