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Feeling Girl Dress

As I'm typing this from the golden state of California, it's hard to envision what fall is like back home in New York - or maybe I just don't want to! The Instagram influencers in the east coast have started to assemble their fall wardrobe and OOTDs, which does excite me to think about a new season of change.

FeelingGirlDress is a great online stop to get plus size shapewear bodysuits to wear under your slim-fitting dresses while you let your body indulge in all the great things restaurants are starting to offer again. No matter what you consume, you will continue to embody an hourglass figure as long as you have the bodysuit on.

Alternatively, if bodysuits are not your thing, cheap waist trainers are another option. The obvious advantage here comes handy when you need to use the restroom and don't need to deal with the bodysuit button struggles.

Furthermore, for those who are looking forward to the holidays (I know, crazy), here are some Black Friday hot blouse wholesale selections to add to your seasonal collection! These comfy tops are made for those days when you want to lounge but not look like you've been in bed all day - which I'm sure we're all guilty of nowadays. With that said, I'm looking forward to the next year!

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